Stee Wilson
Developer of applications for iOS, watchOS and tvOS


My educational background in computer science led me to a passion for making user friendly yet powerful applications.

I have 7 years experience making iphone apps but that's not all I can do for you. I've been building applications for the iPad since it was released, can design and develop back end server applications with HTML front ends and expand your iOS apps to Apple Watch or TV.

After graduation from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth with a degree in computer science I started my career in iphone app development at PixelMags. I completed development of their first app for buying and reading digital copies of a single magazine title. This app was a template to be copied and branded into many different magazines. By the time I left, many hundreds of magazines were being published using the app, including Hearst publications such as Cosmopolitan UK. I also developed the app for iPad when it was released in 2010, maintained and later updated the app with a brand new user interface.

I was also heavily involved with architecting a new format of digital magazine to rival Adobe's own. This went far beyond duplicating paper copies as images in a scroll view and detecting web links from their PDFs. Designers could then create content that makes use of modern technlogy with fully interactive pages, inline videos and more.

A couple of years into working for PixelMags I was leading a team of four software engineers working on the branded magazine application. We also worked hard to create an iOS application that would give users access to all of the magazines on the PixelMags platform.

In October 2013 I moved to Bristol and found myself working for a software development agency by the name of Gravitywell. I took charge of all things mobile, writing the iOS apps and coordinating development of the android apps. I also took over some old apps that were in need of updating to stay current.

Check out my portfolio to see the apps that I have built.

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I am available for iOS, Apple Watch, Apple TV and server application development.